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Locally Serving Central Florida
Services Available Nationwide






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At Tampa Tarp we have been producing tarps for the trucking industry for over 20 years.  We offer a variety of fabrics to choose from for your tarp selection.  All of our tarps are made in our plant so we can make your tarp to fit your dimensions, no matter the size.  Whether you need a tarp for a dump truck or flatbed trailer we have the solution for you.



Protect the Integrity of Your Tarps

with Our Selection of Tarp Accessories                                  

We manufacture all tarps and never import, so we can satisfy all of your tarp and cargo control needs. We manufacture tarps for dump trucks, flat bed trailers, fumigation tents, sandblast curtains, and many more uses.  Feel free to contact us to see if we can cover your needs.

Tarp Accessories 

   •  Switches
   •  Switch Kits
   •  Tarp Repair Kits
 •  Tarp Motors
 •  Winch Straps
 •  Tie-Down Straps

 •  Tow Straps
 •  Rubber Tie  Downs

Cargo Controls
Cargo controls are designed to cover and protect anything you are hauling or transporting. All orders are processed immediately and can be shipped directly to your home or business.
Tarp Motors
Tampa Tarp provides Apache Slim Tarp Motors with a chrome plastic cover that is used on the end of dump trucks and trailers. We also have replacement parts for your tarping system available. If you need a new tarp motor, contact us at Tampa Tarp for more information and details.